Diaper Champ – A Must Have Product For New Parents

The news of first baby is always exciting for the parents and they start shopping for the coming little angel. Decorating the nursery with pink or blue tone is the first common step. While shopping for the baby, parents must keep in mind the list of those items that will help them reducing their work load for the baby. One of the things that need thinking is whether to use cloth diapers or the disposable ones as both have their own issues. Cloth diapers can be cleaned by using liners and have less odor as they are less absorbent as compared to disposable diapers yet they might cause nappy rash.

Diaper Champ Diaper Champ – A Must Have Product For New Parents

Disposable diapers are easy to get rid of so mostly these are preferred by parents. But the problem is the stinky odor of disposables that needs to be taken care of. Once the decision of using disposable diapers for your baby is finalized, the solution is simple and effective i.e. using a diaper pail and most preferably Diaper Champ. This is a ground breaking innovation to decrease infamous odors and keeping nursery clean and fresh smelling. With this new diaper pail, you don’t have to stock up soiled diapers in trash or use grocery bags to store them in garage can and make your garage smell horribly.

Thisdiaper pail is very easy to use and avoids odors even when you are putting another dirty diaper in it. There is a small cover opening at the top from where you insert diapers without opening the top lid. It comes in two different models with different capacities and can hold a maximum of thirty diapers at a time. Usually diaper pails are meant to be used with a refill which has to be bought separately but this one gives a choice of using a refill or any other plastic bag thus provides savings on refill. But it is advisable to use refill to control odors more effectively. The refill is available for buying from any store from where you get your diaper pail and have the capacity of three hundred diapers. These refills are manufactured keeping in view the convenience and ease of use and sanitary requirements.

The diaper pail itself is designed to be very user friendly when it comes to cleaning and carrying it. There is a top handle to carry it easily. A foot paddle is given to open the top lid with one hand and also for inserting a new refill or remove the already filled one. The lower drum housing can be opened easily from the four-turn key so that the seal area and inner barrel can be cleaned and disinfected from time to time. Diaper Champ comes in two different colors, pink and blue and you can select whichever the tone of nursery is. It is sleek in design and stylish and can be placed in the corner of the nursery as it is to be used frequently and will not decrease the beauty of the room.

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